Kevin Lewis is a poet/writer who believes the world needs a little more inspiration. Kevin is proud to be a member of the 40+ year club and is from a little town called Niceville, FL (and yes that's the real name of the city!). Kevin enjoys looking at real world issues and finding the positive outlook. Kevin is an outside-the-box thinker that has a pure love and appreciation for all people. Kevin is an overcomer of many challenges including being diagnosed with epilepsy and asthma at an early age and being completely healed of both conditions. Additionally, when he was growing up Kevin had difficulty in learning in school, but has since finished and received 4 degrees, including 2 Masters degrees. Kevin believes no matter what the obstacle he can succeed and hopes that his poetry inspires people to do the same Kevin has a passion for health and fitness. Kevin is an avid researcher of all things health related, loves a good workout and a good run. If there is a health or fitness challenge, Kevin is up for it and is always willing to help people live a healthier lifestyle. Lastly, Kevin hopes that if his poetry and writing helps just one person reach higher or go farther then his overall goal is accomplished. Ultimately, Kevin does not write for himself, but because of his desire to encourage other people

Minister Christine Lombard (aka C. Love) is an associate minister of Thee Refiner's Fire Ministries of Prayer under the leadership of Apostle Vera E. Paul. Her passion is to know Christ intimately and to make Him known through the literary and worship arts. He has commissioned her to teach and impart the revelatory Truths of God, as Holy Spirit has imparted into her. He has commissioned her to raise up a Chosen Generation of young warriors and Spirit-led Change Agents for Jesus Christ. The primary voice or message of God within and through her is the clarion call of "Preparing God's Army for the Last Battle!"

Described as engaging, anointed, powerful, fiery and hilarious, Eboni L. Truss is passionate about helping women discover and claim their most fulfilling professional and personal lives. As an empowerment speaker and #1 bestselling author, Eboni’s focus is leading her clients to be impact-centered entrepreneurs. Through her mentorship programs, she empowers participants to grow, progress, and achieve their desired goals. She also speaks and writes about designing broader and bolder lifestyles, often using her book The Significance Factor as a foundational guide. A formally trained relationship builder, educator, and certified coaching specialist, Eboni graduated from Talladega College, the “Harvard of the South,” with a Bachelor’s in Sociology. She later earned a Master’s in Elementary Education from the University of Phoenix. Though born and raised in Detroit, she currently lives in Talladega with her husband and two sons. And when she isn’t wearing one of her many business hats, she’s probably couponing, vacationing, volunteering, or watching Shark Tank with the family.

Whitney Keith is described as being a God-fearing, tender- hearted, empathetic, and feisty prayer warrior with a passion for helping others. She holds a Bachelors of Arts in Psychology from NC A&T SU and is currently working on a Master's in Marriage and Family Therapy from Liberty University. During her time in her undergraduate program, she was invited several times to speak to a psychology of women class about Sexual Violence awareness and being empowered. She resides in North Carolina with her husband where she serves on the leadership team for the young adult ministry at her church. Whitney has a powerful testimony of deliverance and redemption that God has been using and will continue to use in the lives of others. She believes in the power of sharing your story and the possibilities this opens up for others.

Elizabeth Burns loves to travel and enjoys quality time with family and friends. She warms the room with her smile and optimistic view of life throughout different conversations she may engage in. Elizabeth has a story to share with others that will not only affect them but help bring a new perspective and motivation in their life. Elizabeth is now pursuing her Masters in Human Services in Life Coaching at Liberty University, where she can use the gift that God has given her to help women tap into their true potential. Her story highlights the experience of spiritual warfare, a Christian woman who is single, experiencing spiritual freedom (liberty), daily encouragement, and changing her thinking. Through the career in life coaching, she is passionate about changing lives of women who are ready to act and move forward in their lives by thinking differently and intentionally and changing their habits to create a more fulfilling lifestyle.

Cassandra Goodman is a Certified Life Coach, Bestselling Author, and Founder. ​ As a Life Coach, I help women to overcome their pain, fear, and struggle to birth their purpose. I help transition them from their NOW into a clear path of life that has meaning to them. I believe that everyone is already equipped with everything they need to live on purpose. All it takes is for someone to help birth it out. I am that source. Each client is held 100% accountable to make it happen. ​​I am the Bestselling Author of I am Women: 21 Triumphant Women Sharing Their Journey to Embracing Truth and Their Authentic Self. It is a collaboration of courageous women who share their true life stories from pain, brokenness, betrayal, abuse and rejection to living a life of fulfillment, joy, forgiveness, peace, and freedom. The book teaches women how to turn their pain into power and to stand on their stories as triumphant women who overcame. I am the Founder and President of a nonprofit organization, Women on a Move. Our mission is to promote leadership development, promote positive networking among women, advocacy of women’s rights, and we are very big on community service (helping others). I am a volunteer with the YWCA of the Upper Lowlands and co-chairperson of the Logistics Committee of the South Carolina National Kidney Foundation. We bring awareness to others about kidney disease.

She writes because she knows what it's like to be broken, she speaks because she knows what it's like to be silenced, she shares because she knows her gift is meant to be shared. In a sea of T-Shirt and jeans, this fashion forward poet stands out... Though at first glance one would assume Ashlee is about to walk the runway, when she walks to the mic the crowd is in for a treat. Stitching stanzas, weaving wordplay, and hemming rough topics in her poetry, she delivers a one of a kind brand. Her style is unique, raw, yet uplifting to the spirit. Writing since the age of 8, proved to be a safe place. Because of her Caribbean roots, Ashlee never gave much thought to writing being a viable career. She graduated from Georgia State University with a Bachelor’s in English with every intention to study law. Being introduced to the works of Shakespeare, Maya Angelou and Zora Neale Hurston, she knew law wouldn't be her career. Ashlee Connors credits her creative rhetoric to her advanced life experiences. Ashlee inspires many with her writing by tapping into the emotional chambers of the heart and appealing to what the audience needs to hear. Author to Pieces of Me and Lessons in Discovery, she writes to encourage the masses. Poems like Crown of Confidence, Thy Shall Know Your Worth, and 7 Minutes have been poems that have received the most acclaim. While her family was stationed in Fayetteville, NC, she stumbled across a spoken word event held at the Coffee Scene. She first appeared on that stage in 2014 but stricken by fear, it was in October 2015, she decided to confront her fear by entering a slam in the local Fayetteville area. Since then, she hasn't looked back. Ashlee became confident in her voice and began to understand writing wasn't just a hobby. She has performed on a variety of stages ranging from Atlanta, GA to Raleigh, NC with the likes of Dichotomy, Georgiame, Queen Sheba, Ed Mabrey, and Dasan Ahanu. Recently becoming a member of The Marquis Slam team in prep for Southern Fried Poetry Slam 2016 Greensboro, NC and National Poetry Slam, in Decatur,GA. It was her purpose, and passion to fashion poetry that cuts couture. She writes because she knows what it's like to be broken, she speaks because she knows what it's like to be silenced, she shares because she knows her gift is meant to be shared.

Melissa McArthur is a master swordswoman, a world-renowned traveler, and lover of all things bookish. One of these things is actually true. When she isn’t saving the world, one word at a time, she’s busy lecturing university students on parenthetical citations and torturing authors with her red pen. No matter what the capacity—editor, author, teacher—Melissa is utterly fascinated by books and words. She believes that there’s something magical about holding a book in your hand and watching as the words disappear and the story unfolds before your eyes. She hopes that she can do that for readers both as an editor and a writer—create stories that engulf you, change you, scare you, bewilder you, make you laugh, make you cry, and through stories, reveal deeper truths about life. Melissa can be found hiding in the deep corners of the library or at home with her laptop and cat. For those of you out in cyberspace, she can also be found at any of the following cyber places:

Miss McKnight is a native of New Orleans, La but has made Houston, Tx her home. She enjoys encouraging others and uses writing as one of her many vehicles to do so. Besides writing for Rejoicing Hope, she is a best-selling author and speaker. She published her first and best-selling book, "Secret of the Meadows" in January 2016 and will release the subsequent book to the sequel "Whispering Passions" August 2016. She also has several collaborative works to be released this year as well as next.

Chantay is the visionary and founder of Eye Opening Expressions, a greeting card company that specializes in encouraging others through Holy Spirit inspired poetry. She is a blogger and versatile creative writer who enjoys seeing the hearts of others lifted from discouragement, hopelessness, and despair. In addition, she served as National Administrative Director of Voices of Christ Literary Ministries International and is a certified instructor in the Voices of Christ Apostolic School of the Scribe based in Georgia. During her time with the ministry, she has been instrumental in developing and organizing best practices geared toward orienting people to the ministry and advocating the necessity of scribal ministry. She is also employed with the U.S. Department of Treasury

Meagan Nicole is a fiction author, blogger, and freelance editor who has a passion for stories and the written word. She loves to both entertain people with her own writing and help others develop their writing skills. She has been editing professionally for over two years, and she has a certificate in copy editing from the University of California San Diego. Meagan is also a disciple of Jesus Christ and loves her Lord and Savior and desires to bring Him glory in her life. When she is not writing or editing, Meagan enjoys reading, playing tennis, traveling, and going on new adventures with family and friends.

Our mission is to help women who are lost, hurting, and suffering in silence live a victorious life filled with hope by empowering them through the written and spoken word.

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