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“Pillars of Hope” is a collection of poetic pieces written to encourage, empower, inspire, and offer hope to women who have lost hope because of insecurities, abandonment, low self-esteem, fear, and suicidal thoughts. This book tells your story. Our story. This story of hope comes from the assurance that freedom is available to those who dare to believe it and run toward it. This book will be your guide if you dare to run.

“In all honesty, the entire book is a great read. It’s a must for those who feel lost, have no hope, and who are just ready to give up. The will just take you in another direction of gratitude, being strong in faith, and just believing in yourself.”
-Chanelle King, Jacksonville, FL

” God’s Word is now and forever sufficient. It will never get old; however, if He saw fit to add a modern day Psalm to the Bible, He would only to add your book. The Book of Psalms, in my opinion, is the most passionate and heart felt book of the bible. Your poems are the most passionate and heart felt that I’ve read next to those of the Book of Psalms.”
-David Mobley, Cary, NC

” Pillars of Hope is a wonderful compilation of poetry that speaks to the heart of every woman, her wounds, and her struggles. Through each piece, there is a word of encouragement. For anyone who has struggled or is struggling with os low self-esteem, rejection, or feel like giving up on lie, there is hope. This author has allowed God to use her to reach many with her inspiring works. If I had to choose two pieces that ministered to me and are a refreshing reminder of what hope is, I’d say, ” Resurrection” and “Broken Chains.” This book will make a great addition to your personal library or as a blessing for another sister/friend.”
-Bridget Commack, Kansas City, MO

“In a world where we believe with all of our hearts that suffering silently is acceptable, there lives a woman whose mission is to remind us that we should not be afraid or ashamed of the challenges we’ve faced. This woman is Sequoia Gillyard, and her book Pillars of Hope will show you how to liberate yourself from your feelings of fear. With her to-the-point approach poetry, Sequoia helps you recognize that your past and mistakes are a part of an important process, one that teaches you how to achieve and embrace your beautiful, limitless future. Her authentically inspiring poetry has helped me leverage my inner strength and welcome joy into my life. So cheers to you, Sequoia Gillyard, the ” honey, move on and allow greatness into your life, priceless motivation facilitator!”
-Autumn Tompkins, Conklin, NY

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Our mission is to help women who are lost, hurting, and suffering in silence live a victorious life filled with hope by empowering them through the written and spoken word.

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