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Described as engaging, anointed, powerful, fiery and hilarious, Eboni L. Truss is passionate about helping women discover and claim their most fulfilling professional and personal lives. As an empowerment speaker and #1 bestselling author, Eboni’s focus is leading her clients to be impact-centered entrepreneurs. Through her mentorship programs, she empowers participants to grow, progress, and achieve their desired goals. She also speaks and writes about designing broader and bolder lifestyles, often using her book The Significance Factor as a foundational guide. A formally trained relationship builder, educator, and certified coaching specialist, Eboni graduated from Talladega College, the “Harvard of the South,” with a Bachelor’s in Sociology. She later earned a Master’s in Elementary Education from the University of Phoenix. Though born and raised in Detroit, she currently lives in Talladega with her husband and two sons. And when she isn’t wearing one of her many business hats, she’s probably couponing, vacationing, volunteering, or watching Shark Tank with the family.

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