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I met the fabulous L.A. Holts in a virtual Bible study class earlier this year. At the end of each class, we have the opportunity to share our thoughts or ask questions. L.A. lit our hearts on fire with her soulful poetry. I was excited to get to know who this woman was that had the ability to take us on a journey with words as smooth as butter and sweet as honey. I found her on Facebook and expressed how deep her poetry ministered to me. Eventually, we developed a friendship outside of Facebook and have become sisters. Her resilience, ingenuity, and courage are why she is this month’s featured woman of empowerment. 

L.A. Holts was born and raised in Chicago, IL. She currently resides in Atlanta, GA. She is the founder and CEO of Poet’s R People 2 Theater & Film Productions. L.A. graduated from Columbia College with a bachelor’s degree in theater and fiction writing. Her love affair with theater and writing was awakened early on in her childhood as she made up plays and also made her mother’s fingernail polishes her characters. She recalls so vividly playing with her sister on her mother’s dresser, the big mirror was the backdrop, and the dresser was the stage. L.A. always gave the red polish the leading role (sorry to all the other polishes who never got a chance to take the lead). With an imagination bigger than life itself, it’s no surprise that L.A. has become a world-renowned spoken word artist, published author, playwright, and director. 

Knowing that God wanted her to spread His message through the creative arts led this artistic genius to start her theater company  Poet’s R People 2 Theater & Film Productions in 2005. “Dance Me a Poem” the play was the debut project for her company. With a heart for ministry, L.A. added the ministry component to her company in 2014 with the debut of “13 Men” the play. With such zeal for her craft, L.A. is currently filming her first movie “13 Women” in Chicago produced by Bill McNeely and Flash Media Groups Productions. Plays, poems, and films aren’t the only things flowing from her creative well, L.A. has become a literary Picasso. She intricately weaves words together creating compelling artwork. Her books “Dance Me a Poem”, “13 Women”, “Hell Chronicles”, “Practical Tips for Armor Bearers, The Heart of a Servant”, and her novel, “Trapped Inside” are proof of her wordsmanship.  L.A. is also known for designing special effects make up for film and plays and teaching acting lessons privately and in churches. As a new Atlantian, she is eager to showcase her skills and talent in film and production.

With such impressive work under her belt, the road to success has not been a bed of roses for L.A. She has had to step out on faith more times than she can count without knowing where the resources would come from for her to complete her projects. She believes in counting up the cost and moving at the right time. L.A. also knows that putting your vision in motion causes God to move on our behalf. Aligning yourself with the right people to help you with your vision is important too. L.A. is thankful to have such amazing people like her Apostle Theresa Harvard Johnson and The Scribal Conservatory, her producer Bill McNeely, makeup artist Landis and hair stylist Sherita Starks, and family by her side as she is leaving her fingerprint on Earth.

L.A.’s greatest achievement is “being blessed to finish tasks and assignments that God has given me when it comes to writing and directing my plays.” I  had to pause for a second and take in what my sister said. I began to ponder on how significant it is to celebrate each time we finish something. Many times we start things and don’t finish. Completion of an assignment is worthy to be celebrated, especially when you had to go through the trenches and sometimes hell to get it done.

As a role model for adults and children, L.A. is on a mission to be the vessel in which God’s power flows out of her in the creative arts to change the lives of people she will encounter. To L.A., inspiration comes in the form of “the presence of God moving in the midst of His people. When I can see the hand of God operating in the lives of those I am in a relationship with, it’s so encouraging. To see people walking in their purpose keeps me focused and inspired to keep on wanting to live for God and please Him.” 

This beautiful and vivacious woman’s advice to other women making strides to achieve their dreams is…

“Never let past hurts hinder you from starting again. Never allow dream assassins to infiltrate your atmosphere. Never allow someone else to alter the original design of the vision that God has given you unless they are adding to and enhancing it based off of a covenant relationship. Never be afraid to stand alone while pursuing your dreams. Never believe the lie that you’re too old or it’s too late, as long as you have breath in your body, you can do it. Lastly, fear only has the power to stop you when you believe it’s more powerful than God, who gave the dream to you in the first place. Always remember everything we need is already in us, just believe that He will set out to accomplish the things that concern us.”    

L.A. Holts is well on her way to creating a legacy that will go down in history. She desires to be known as a wealth distributor that uses her God-given tools to shift and change mindsets from being narrow-minded and self-centered to being Kingdom minded. Being a wealth distributor will afford her the opportunity to help eradicate poverty and homelessness while helping children off the streets and into their purpose. She will also use her wealth as a tool against the kingdom of darkness and as a tool to advance the Kingdom of God. L.A. also wants to be remembered as a woman of God who changed the world with her gifts. 

Photo Credits: Chicago Stylz & Bill McNeely & Flash Media Groups

To learn more about L.A. Holts connect with her via:

  1. cash app: $13womentheplay
  2. http://dancemeapoem.wix.com/speaklife (here you can find snippets of her books, plays and what her ministries are about and booking info.)
  3. instagram: scribalprophetla
  4. facebook: L.A. Holts
  5. twitter @LA13women
  6. creativewritingbyla@gmail.com






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