A Successful Start to 2018: Setting and Completing Goals

A Successful Start to 2018: Setting and Completing Goals

It’s finally 2018, the New Year is here. It is time to think about our goals, make a plan and do more in 2018. Have you ever noticed that we tend to repeat the same actions every year? Every year we say the same things. We are cutting off all the toxic people in our lives. We are going to start our new work out plan. The previous year we struggled and was the hardest year ever. This new year is going to be our year. This year I am changing these 5, 10, or 20 things.

My Own Personal Situation with Goals and Disappointment

I used to have the same sort of thinking. I remember sitting in my room after gaining a significant amount of weight and looking at all the clothes I used to be able to wear. My waistline had grown. I was out of shape and I kept seeing commercials that said: “You can have washboard abdominal muscles too, all it takes is 10 minutes a day.” I decided at the beginning of the new year I would hire a trainer. Of course, I had trial and error with different gimmicks and my inefficient own theorized methods before this final decision.

I found a trainer and when the trainer asked me my goals during our first meeting, the only one I told them was “I want six pack abdominal muscles.” The trainer smiled at me, said great and signed me up. After about a month of a workout program, I was disappointed that I was not seeing any abdominal muscles showing. My body did not look that much different, but I felt better. I thought about quitting, but I decided to stick it out. Now after 12 years of working out I realize how foolish my thinking was. I have learned a great deal about fitness and health. I understand what it takes to obtain my fitness goals.

Looking Forward

As I entered 2018, I got to thinking that we are in a loop in relation to goals and resolutions. We go into the new year with such passion and excitement. We imagine all the goals we can do. Then we declare all of our new goals and remain focused for a few months. Then during the year, we encounter obstacles or people who want to hinder our progress. We get disappointed that things are not going as planned. The disappointment grows and we quit before the goal is completed. By the end of each year, we have finished with declared goals we never accomplish. At the beginning of the next year, we are ready to declare similar goals we intend to do. If we are in such a loop, how do we change it? How do we truly make this year the best year?

Changes for the New Year

1: Follow Through

Whatever changes you decide to make, commit to them and do them to completion. An easy example of this is if we decide we need to go to the gym to start a new workout plan, then we need to do it for the year. We cannot make excuses like I do not have the time or this came up or that came up. If you have to get up early or workout on your lunch break, or do a home workout, make it happen. No one said change is easy. Discouragement will come at some point while trying to do the goal. Push through and complete the goal.

2: Don’t Listen to Negativity

Negativity will show up everywhere.  On social media, friends, family, a complete stranger, on a visit to the grocery store, we will hear something negative from someone. Listening to negativity will not help us reach our goal. We have to learn to ignore the negativity and keep moving forward. There is a difference between good counsel and someone who just wants to speak negativity in our ears. If someone cannot tell us something positive, encourage us or teach us something we need to succeed, it’s a good idea to ignore them. This is our goal and journey. It only matters that we believe in our goal. We cannot afford to let doubt and fear stop us.

3: Find a Good Support System

Encouragement is essential for even the most motivated person. Friends and family can be negative, but can also be a great support system. If we have negative friends, maybe that relationship is not needed. Support, when we hit an obstacle or a hard time during the year, is a blessing. We all need someone to lift us up when we are down. We all need someone who believes in us and can give good advice. Additionally, finding a good mentor is one of the best things that can help us succeed. If our goal is to do something that requires learning or development, a mentor assists by providing more insight and direction. Even the most successful people in the World had mentors that helped them to understand the correct steps to take.

Last Thoughts

I’m sure there are more things that can help us achieve our goals for the New Year. However, I believe this is a good starting point for anyone wanting to break out of the loop we seem to enter year after year. I would encourage every person to come up with other things that could be a discouragement. Then figure out steps to overcome those obstacles. Start thinking about all the possible obstacles for all goals in advance.  That way when that obstacle shows up we can recognize it, put our plan into action to overcome the obstacle and keep moving towards our goal. Wishing everyone a great start on your 2018. Happy New Year to one and all.

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