The Rewriting of My Soul Part. 1

The world is plagued with people who have had unspeakable acts of injustice committed against them. From the moment of our conception, we are all vulnerable to the conditions set in motion by others for our basic survival. When those who sit in roles of authority violate the sacred place of honor that was entrusted to them it can break the spirit of a man and cause them to spin out of control in this game called life.

But even amidst the inexcusable blows that can occur when we have been violated, neglected or just wounded in general. There is an overcoming ability that presents itself when we awaken to the power of personal choice. Our choices can be the greatest enemy to our destiny or the fuel by which we conqueror the giants that stand against us.

We can be victorious despite what has happened to us by allowing God to rewrite our souls by His eternal truths. His truths cannot fade away with the circumstances of life and His divine wisdom will lead us on paths that will unlock untapped creativity and renew our passion for living as we follow on to know Him.  No matter how hard life has been for us we have the power to walk with a new perspective as we see life according to God’s original desire. God has never changed His mind about us, and His thought about us has always been good. It is only as we connect to His thoughts can this hidden reality begin to appear and shift the trajectory of our lives and destiny.

If you are anything like I was, you may be wondering why did God let you go through the things that you went through and the simple answer He spoke to me was “I was there with you”. Though the abuse, the pain, depression, and sickness God was there, in fact, He never left me. But, even that answer did not soothe my soul because I was broken beyond my ability to repair, my mind and body were sick, and it was getting harder to hide the real condition of my heart.

As I began to pour my heart to God, He said He would rewrite my soul, and for the last four years, I have been on a journey to find truth. This quest caused me to question everything including the fidelity of God himself and the love that I heard about since I was a child. God is greater than our greatest struggle and if we give Him a chance He will prove Himself because He promised that if we seek Him we will find Him if we seek for Him with our whole heart.

Join me as I share my journey to find truth, I share the good bad and ugly and how God has continued to lead me in truth of who He destined me to be as I seek after Him.

Don’t let the limitations of yesterday stop you from pursuing your divine destiny. You were created to be great!


-Chantay Miller

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