Beloved: A Letter from the Lover of Your Soul


Have you been wounded by the one I sent to heal you?  Know that I fully feel you! Have you bore the afflictions of the cross I called you to carry?  Know that I too had to tarry.  Yes, I bore them too just for you.  Let not your wounds define you.  Let not the scars remind you of the pain or unjust attack against your weakened frame.  Rather, see the scars and know that YOU will never do the same.  You will lift up those cowering in shame.  You will relieve them of their pain.  You will shower them with kindness, and BECOME a true shepherd, one of the finest.  For, even THIS will not BREAK you. Rather, it will MAKE you.  Every Word I spoke is true. If only you knew the depths of My presence with you.  I heard your cry, “Oh Lord! Don’t let me miss You!”  If only you knew! How pleased I was to see your heart remain TRUE!  You turned not to the left nor the right.  You pleaded for Me to give you Light and supernatural sight.  Why then did I shield you from SEEING?  It was to shield you from BEING what I kept you from SEEING!  Know now that I AM FREEING you and only desire for you to keep BEING YOU!  I made you this way.  I know the way that you take, and I am pleased with you for goodness sake!  Lift up your eyes!  Behold!  I AM your PRIZE!  I AM Yeshua, the Scribe of your Life.  Behold I take YOU as my beloved wife!  I AM the Living Word, and YOU are my letter!  How could your life be any better?  Behold!  I break every fetter and rewrite your soul, so that you will KNOW that I AM your beloved and you are mine.  So, I scribe this love letter as an eternal sign upon your heart. Behold!  You are MARKED by My seal, and on THIS DAY you are HEALED.

~ Lover of Your Soul

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