Turning the Channel and Seeing in Technicolor

Many colors but the World lacks sight

With eyes that focus on black and white

A variety of beautiful shades

Conversations that are not fruitful

Misconceptions, projections shown on the big screen

And yet the whole story is never seen

Pathways to an intended destination

Situations with no clear solution create amazement

Current events do not reveal history

A turn of events that do not tell her or his complete story

Creating division when we need unity

Strengthening people and the community

Love is a four-letter word that many forget

Our expression of it decreases occurrences of regrets

Kind words, a wave or a warm embrace

It does not take much to show grace

To those who enter our space

A trace of compassion is all it takes

To break down a wall

It falls to open communication

Create better situations and break boundaries

Shine light on the mystery that confounds me

Choose differently

Change inherently

Choose to be unstuck

I am struck by inspiration

It dawned on me

A box of crayons conveys an important message

All the colors together create a display on a stage

The image conveys equality

The reality is the inside matters

We shatter obstacles and the hardness of heart

We start a new conversation or two

And yet the surprise is that many never embrace this view

So, what are we to do? I do not know

I just understand we all have a part to do

It will take everyone participating to make it though

I believe a clue is to stop seeing two shades

We have to see in Technicolor before progress is made


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