Thinking Differently and Embracing Your Creativity

What if I told you that it is okay to think differently? The World would be a pretty boring place if every person thought exactly the same way. Without innovation, we would have missed out on amazing technology that we use every day. Without creativity, all the great songs we love or priceless paintings would have never existed.

Much as we have dreams as a child or a teenager that we intend to accomplish and as we get older some of us give up the pursuit. And yet those people who followed those dreams are the most amazing people in the World. These people chose to look at what makes them different and view it as an advantage instead of a hindrance.

Most of all, I believe that embracing our creativity is important. We need to encourage it to grow in ourselves and others. Many people have amazing ideas that have never been voiced to anyone. We all have ideas that we have started to work out the details and then let discouragement talk us out of execution and sharing the ideas.

Additionally, do not let fear of rejection put up a stop sign on the road to expression. Not every person will understand or even like our ideas or what we say. On the other side, there will be other people who love our ideas and will support us. It is fine if a person disagrees with our vision, but that should not change our belief in our vision. We need to keep moving forward and allow it to blossom

While my recommendation is to avoid listening to doubt that does not mean being close-minded to good counsel. There are people who understand our intended path and can help us to achieve our goals. It might be easy to find these people, or we might find them in unexpected places. Either way when we find those people who can offer excellent advice it is a good idea to listen and be open to what they have to say.

Consequently, every great invention or discovery started as an idea. No one was sure if that idea would amount to anything. It required us to leap and have faith. We can do the same by believing in our creativity. We can produce or invent something amazing. It all begins with a different thought that allows us to explore a new perspective.

Finally, I urge everyone that reads this to share all of those creative ideas that they have filed away as a lost dream.  We need to keep encouraging innovation over the focus of doing what is the safe choice. We can feel good about thinking differently. Creativity is a wonderful strength and characteristic that can help us continue to change our lives. Move forward through doubt and experience victory through what the World would consider as the unfamiliar.

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