Interest: A Dedication to Christian Dating and Love



Hello, may I introduce myself?

I am a man not completely interested in self

I am interested in you, beautiful lady

Don’t think I’m crazy, I would love to take you out and date you

Correction, I mean court you

No lies or games with me

Not sure many other guys have the same intention

I would like to mention I see something inside you

That maybe other guys do not

I truly don’t know you

Yet I discern your spirit is true and righteous

This insight is clear to me because I am a praying man

I am confident where I stand with God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit

Maybe you are surprised and overwhelmed to hear it

Allow me to clear it up for you

You see I walk in faith and believe

I have been planting faith seeds for many days and years

And now I see that you have appeared

A true vision of beauty

Allow me to free and break down the walls around your heart

I will show you the honor you deserve from the very start

Treat you with the respect as you allow me part of your time

You might call this direct, but I see a wonderful lady refined by the fire of the Holy Ghost

I could boast about how physically beautiful you are

However, your heart for God is what makes you a true shining star

Maybe you worry about your past, but your past is forgiven

Your past is forgotten as you are redeemed and washed clean by the blood of Jesus

You are a woman worthy of as many roses that exist

Need anything heavy lifted, I will assist

Your door will be open before you need to walk through

And when we go out, I will always pay for whatever we do

When we walk on the sidewalk, I’ll make sure I’m closest to the street

I will be there to lift you up when you experience defeat

I am not so interested in myself anymore, I’m interested in us

Us spending time together, getting to know each other and growing

Moving forward together and flowing down the river of each day

Neither of us is perfect, mistakes will be made along the way

We are all clay that can be molded

Every Word of God should be bolded because it’s that important, the center of it all

A life of forgiveness, letting nothing separate

I am excited to experience what the two of us can create

Something truly lasting that will never have a broken bond

If two people honor one another, they can go beyond their imagination

Conquering any situation that may come

Some may be blind, but I see the light from you as brilliant

You are resilient and blessed

You have passed many tests and have the victory over the rest

I express this to say, “Allow me the opportunity to make your day bright”

Just to give you a little insight into my vision

All based on a decision to accept a simple invitation

And a simple promise that I am different than any other

I have no desire to just have another date

My intention is to lay a foundation

Hopefully, you now understand my elation from day one

My only desire is to lay bricks within your heart for something greater one by one

When I offer to court you

It is not an offer you should take lightly

It is truly an offer of sincere interest in you and treating you rightly



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