I want to be normal, well, according to societal standards

Because the standard set has determined I am different

I will take this opportunity to vent

What if I am not meant to be average? Maybe I am an outlier

I aspire to do more than just the norm, I desire to inspire

To be a light and a fire, an ever-glowing blaze

I want to raise the average expectation of the destination

Of an individual to just get by, to just be another number

Walking around in a slumber without any direction

I am an injection of the amazing

Indicating the creative does not need a box that surrounds

Maybe a workaround is better than the established way

That does not include reference to the illegal but

A mention to obtaining elevation of soaring like an eagle

An alternative way is not necessarily the incorrect solution

The execution may not be the trend

The result is often the same or even better in the end

How will improvement ever come if innovation is not embraced?

I am faced with the challenge of having someone willing to hear

Instead of looking at what I communicate with fear

An untested and unproven idea that has a chance of failure

How do we advance without exposure to something more?

I choose to open the unknown door and see the other side

The insight and the opportunity that one step forward can provide

I want to be defined by more than just what the consensus thinks

Blink, and you might miss the possibility

To see what ingenuity can create

I wish I could relate to the status quo

I flow to a different drum-beat

The world thinks I should wallow in defeat

For not being typical, but that is what is beautiful

I am special and original

The critical detail that eyes miss

Is that I consist of more than just of the perceived weaknesses

I am resilient and brilliant to pass every test

I am curious and creative without quantitative limitations

Given the opportunity, I exceed all expectations

All that is needed is a different viewpoint

To see my true potential

I believe a vision change is essential

To see the identity of me

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