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In 2013, I became intrigued by a group of poets who forms Passion For Christ Movement (P4CM). I would binge on all of their youtube videos for hours at a time. Their ability to passionately express their love for Christ and his people through rhythmic poems captivated me. I was so into their movement that I drove from South Carolina to Florida to experience their poetry live. It was an amazing show by the way. One of the poets I connected with, but haven’t seen live yet is Canden Webb. She was a featured poet at some of P4CM events, which I was able to watch on youtube. When she speaks, I can definitely feel her heart through every word that travels from her vocal cords. Canden is a poet you should keep your eyes on. After watching some her performances, I made the decision to reach out to her on Facebook. I was quite nervous to contact her and was shocked when she accepted my friend request. However, she is so down to earth. We talked as if we had known each other for years. She is definitely an inspiration to me as a spoken word artist and a follower of Christ.

Canden Webb is from Los Angeles, California, but she currently calls Washington, DC home. Canden is the CEO of Beautiful Minds Entertainment (BME). This talented artist started writing when she was just ten-years-old. Soon after she discovered the poetry scene and has been hooked ever since. In addition to writing, she is dedicated to supporting other creatives like herself. She finds joy in helping other artists gain more exposure and develop their craft.

As the CEO of BME, Canden has joined other artists in spearheading the movement of ministry and artistry.  BME  is the conduit in which artists gain the ability to relate to their audience in an authentic way. Glorifying God is at the heart of Canden’s vision for BME. Through BME Canden hosts events that provide inspirational entertainment and an opportunity for people to experience the beautiful mind.

Beautiful Minds Entertainment was a vision that Canden contemplated over for a few months before she launched it in 2015. She originally had the idea to do a Real Love Poetry Show that would support singles and couples on valentines day, so they wouldn’t fall into temptation and compromise their self-worth. Knowing that this would be a yearly event and that there would be other events hosted, Canden created Beautiful Minds Entertainment as the parent company for branding purposes. She has seen her joy of mentoring artist and providing quality entertainment intertwine over time and is now mirrored in the company’s practices.

As successful as she is, Canden is no stranger to opposition. Being respected and taken seriously as a female CEO is often a part of her daily fight as she climbs the ladder of success. Unfortunately, her biggest struggles are within the partnerships in the church arena. She believes that women are often devalued as leaders in the church community. Canden often battles the traditions of the church which believes that men have to work alongside women in order for women to thrive. Canden, understands that men are an important factor in the equation of life. She also knows, there are a plethora of women who are going against the traditions of society and the church, and are successfully running businesses every day, even more so than men. Her passion that she puts into her business is often construed as Canden being too emotional. Passion is an emotion that Canden feels a CEO must have towards their business.

Canden success outweighs the difficulties she often encounters. She has the privilege of traveling nationally and internationally to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ on major platforms. This revolutionary writer has accomplished her goal of becoming an author. She inked her heart on each page of her book, The Girl with the Pen. Loving people genuinely has been a huge accomplishment for her. Finally, she considers it a blessing to be a person of great influence. Canden is proud to have a voice that matters and to be a person that is respected as a woman, a poet, and a Christian. Bestowed with much wisdom and life experiences, Canden desires to be a synergist in her community with her voice and actions. She wants to be a role model for young people who are desperately in need a positive example of leadership, responsibility, and service in the arts and life.

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Canden Webb is truly an inspiration to her family, community, and artists around the world. As she is making her mark on the world, Canden is motivated by Oprah and TD Jakes. Their endless accomplishments, direct connection to people, and commitment to hard work and excellence are why Oprah and TD Jakes are Canden’s inspiration.

Canden’s life is a blueprint for women who refuse to give up on their dreams. Canden knows the highs and lows that life comes with but she never let go of her faith.  She has weathered many storms to enjoy the harvest of  her labor. Her advice to women pursuing their dreams is to…

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Living life to the fullest is what Canden strives to do every day. However, she wants her death to be just as meaningful as her life. Canden wants her legacy to be one that people could see the endless freedom, benefit and truth in a life as a believer of The Gospel. And that she inspired people to live authentically in pursuit of their best self and the accomplishment of their dreams.


To learn more about Canden Webb connect with her via:

Social Media: @candenwebb

Website: www.candenwebb.com



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