People say they want someone good, but that’s not where they gravitate

Maybe someone can relate to what I am about to communicate

People have lists and sure that is great

And yet when the perfect person appears

They move away in fear

Your too good, your too nice

Nope you will certainly not suffice

We would rather be with the one who treats us badly

And sadly this is the majority of the reality

Maybe we could blame society

Who has turned bad in good

Or maybe we should take a look in the mirror

To get a clearer picture

Of why we should share time and room

With the one that will never bloom

Into something everlasting

The one that would never make a casting in a love story

And will only lead to years of gory details

Of something that will probably fail

And yet the one who would adore us

Be there for us

Is never given a chance

Because at first glance and conversation

We have decided that the situation

Is too perfect to be true

So what do you propose that we do?

Allow me to take you through a scenario

Where we have the capacity to see the deeper personality

To see the true strength, understanding the length

The capacity and possibility that sincerely

A person can be good and amazing

Offering us the moon, sun, stars and more

Something wonderful in store

All we have to do is allow the door to remain open

To the one showing what most don’t believe exists

I persist that a new perspective to be receptive

To the one that will endure and whose heart is pure





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