I Wonder

Note: This poem deals with a very serious subject matter and I hope that it helps to encourage people to help one another.


I wonder if people can see what is inside

The smile that I portray and what it really hides

I wonder if they understand how I view my day

Do they listen to what I say, maybe what I display

I wonder if they see what is deeper

Or only the features that are obvious

Maybe they are oblivious to what I really think

I wonder if they know that I am on the brink, the edge of the drastic

Maybe they believe that my life is fantastic

That there is no lack of purpose because I am driven

I am even succeeding, but they fail to see where I am heading

They never see the tears I am shedding or the hours of praying

The thin line holding everything together is fraying

And yet I wonder because I don’t think anyone knows

Or maybe someone does I suppose

I wonder if people compose, put the pieces together

Sometimes I hear that it gets better

I hear the same for days, month and years

The echo seared into my mind

I wonder if they are other people that never see any true peace

Never any release

And through all this, I wonder what if I cease to be

I look for a light and not one do I see

More and more I think about the ever present opportunity

Is this really my reality?

Does my struggle really need to continue

Or should I change venues?

Now that is quite the contemplation

And what should a friend say in this situation

But be there to support

Turn the bad into a good report

Help that one in need come to the realization of their importance

No matter the distance, a friendly voice, a hug or helping hand

Can be one of the things that can stop a person in quicksand

Lift them up onto solid ground

Helping to surround them with love and care

Even a simple conversation where thoughts are shared

Can bring someone back to understand that they truly do not lack

Whatever it is they need

Turning the life around they lead

Finding their renewed joy and happiness

And seeing days as having more not less

Letting the heart guide and provide the needed words

To help someone find clarity from what is blurred

One interaction at the right time can make a significant change

Consider the next line as a sincere request that is not strange

Allow this prose to marinate and sink in

When we help one another, there is no battle we cannot win














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