God’s Unchanging Hand in My Life: Fulfilling Your God Given Assignment

Unexpectedly, God released me from Haiti. I knew by the Holy Spirit’s revelation to me that I would move from Haiti to Texas to live with Apostle Paul, according to His will and prophetic words to me a year before I had ever met her. To me, this is one of the most amazing aspects of God’s Unchanging Hand in my life. The Holy Spirit had visited me and revealed His will to me concerning my covenantal connection with Apostle Paul an entire year before we had even met, and of all places, this revelation was imparted to me while I was serving as a missionary in Haiti. Not only this, but He had also divinely orchestrated us to meet and connect in Haiti a year after my unforgettable encounter with Him, when I wholeheartedly replied, “Yes!” to His call in my life. 

Within days of Apostle Paul’s departure back to her home in Texas, I too flew to Florida, knowing that Haiti was no longer my home. God showed me how I had misapplied His words to the Haiti mission and Mother Workman, even though He tried to show me that my surrender and commitment was to Him, not man. Amazingly, God had even spoken to me while living in Chicago concerning this Divine connection with my mother, Apostle Vera, but only through time would I understand their true application. I had much to learn and will continue to learn much through the Holy Spirit’s transformational process in my life. The Holy Spirit constantly works within our lives to open our eyes to see as God sees. He is the Intercessor within us, who stirs us to intercede according to the will of God. Every move of God in my life has been orchestrated as a means of fulfilling the call of intercession and becoming who God created, called, and ordained me to be in Him before the foundation of the world. Today I continue to grow and respond to this clarion call, and this calling continues to shape me according to the will of God.

Through discipleship and prayer, I have experienced tremendous healing, deliverance, and growth in my relationship with God. Due to my experience of God’s presence and voice in my life, I did not realize the extent to which I needed deliverance from the demonic forces that held me in bondage for so long. Although I had learned to pray and hear the voice of God, I was unable to pray my own breakthrough. So, by God’s design and will, He used my mother (Apostle Paul) to pray the war-faring prayer necessary to break the strongholds of the enemy from my life. Deliverance is a process, and I have learned that we will all continue to need deliverance and healing until the moment we draw our last breath. I truly thank and praise God for His apostolic and prophetic process in my life because it has and continues to transform my life from faith to faith, grace to grace, and glory to glory.  

Finally, God answered my childhood prayer and gave me the mother of His choice. He ministered to me that He had divinely connected me with Apostle Paul through a spiritual birthing and adoption process that is just as real as the physical birthing and adoption process. It was a God thing that I knew deep down in the depths of my spirit and soul. Though many look on in wonder and fail to understand this truth, Apostle Vera Paul is my mother because of God’s will, work, and word. I know what God has spoken and revealed to me, and I hold onto this unmoved by others’ failure to accept or understand God’s moving in my life. Again, it has all been by God’s unchanging hand. I thank God for the call to pray and the grace of God that continues to enable me to respond to His clarion call. I pray that my testimony ministers to you, enabling you to see more clearly God’s unchanging hand in your life through the apostolic process and prophetic art of your becoming that is beckoning to you even now. Do you hear the Holy Spirit’s call within your spirit to become all that God has created, called, and ordained you to be in Him? Do you desire to fulfill your God-given assignment with all that is within you? How then will you answer and respond?

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