My expectation of a situation is too often defined by my past.

That is the last thing I should doing—

coming to the realization not to focus on failures, but improving.

I am not losing when I am trying.

I am not denying I may have to attempt something again and again.

It’s not where you start, but where you end.

Moving forward is progress.

It doesn’t matter if it’s the same amount as another individual,

for we are all individuals

with different skills and talents.

Everyone not being the same is the balance.

Everyone is great in some way.

Every day is a brand new day

filled with possibility of a variable reality.

I can change my future.

It does not matter what I am used to.

There is no cap on what I can do.

I may be labeled with a limitation,

but to me, that’s an indication

to reach for the star not yet achieved.

I believe I can overcome the mountain.

No doubt resides here, I give 100%, I am all in.

I determine my own destiny.

I am free

to make a choice,

to have a voice,

to move in a new direction,

to choose the unexplored path at an intersection.

My boundary is broken

by my victory spoken into existence.

Persistence is the key to overcoming resistance,

to accomplishing the unexpected.

I am clay being constantly molded and perfected.

I am still growing daily,

understanding more about me.

My whole story is not written.

I am amazed at the gift of living

the journey with ups and downs.

I have a new outlook; I will not allow myself to wear a frown.

I am different, original and unique.

I have an unlimited peak.

No matter what happens, I can stay lifted.

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