Life After I Do

We are all in constant search of something—looking for the next best thing, the adrenaline rush, the thrill of newness. Once the “I do’s” are exchanged, is it possible to hold on to the excitement that was felt during dating?


We often allow the monotony of life to place us in a stronghold and forget to have fun. We forget to live. We become our jobs, adapt to parenthood, all the while neglecting self-care. Our relationships become rehearsed and often strained. Arguments seem to be the only means of communication outside of checking who’s taking out the trash or who’s paying the light bill.  We are forgetting to nurture our adventurous side. It is as if there is an unspoken rule that once you become an adult, fun is last on the list. Responsibilities never go away, so it is imperative that we remember to take care of ourselves. We cannot be our best when we are exhausted.

Instead of following that schedule every day, choose a random Wednesday and go to a restaurant, just you and your spouse. It doesn’t need to be fancy; it just needs to be different. As humans, we require a certain level of stimuli that our nine-to-five jobs take away from us. We are too tired to step out of routine, so we follow a rigid schedule that often leads to sadness, hopelessness, and worst of all, boredom. On the weekends, we are usually confined to the home doing housework, so the list of responsibilities is endless.

Solution: start the housework little by little during the week. That way it is spread out evenly and gives you and your spouse an opportunity to do something fun. We need to have a balance of seriousness and fun.

Consider meal prepping on Saturday or Sunday to eliminate toiling away in the kitchen during the week.

Purchase a small mason jar and sticky notes. Write random fun things that can be done on the sticky notes and stick them in the jar. This will instantly put more pep in yours and your spouse’s steps.

Lastly, when it starts to become mundane, change it up. Be creative and most importantly, have fun.


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