Tapping Into Your Greatness


We are all created to be great. God purposely place greatness  inside each of us to share with the world. That’s right the WORLD! However, many of us are living below our greatness because we simply haven’t tapped into it. Some of us haven’t tapped in because of fear, disbelief in one’s self, and the feeling of being under-qualified to be great. We often look at, even admire, others who are willing to operate and stand in their greatness, but we won’t give ourselves a chance to display our own greatness.


Let’s dive into the reason why we have chosen not to tap into our greatness.


  1. Some of us simply have no idea that we are great because we have yet to discover who we really are–not the person people say you are or wish you would be, but the person God created you to be. When you get the revelation that you are a walking treasure chest that God placed all of these wonderful treasures inside to impact the lives of people, then you will begin to function in a manner that says you are a gift filled with gifts. To get in touch with who you are, you must get connect to your Creator and allow Him to reveal who He created you to be.


  1. Secondly, FEAR will surely keep you in a paralyzed state so much so that tapping into your greatness will be more frightening than the apocalypse. We are either afraid to fail or afraid to succeed, and sadly, I believe more of us are afraid to succeed more than fail. I use to think I was afraid to fail, but failure and I tangoed a few times and I didn’t like it as a dance partner,but dancing with success, I felt, was even more frightening. Success forces us to go outside of our comfort zone. We now have greater responsibilities, people are counting on us, and sometimes we may even feel a lot of pressure. However, going outside of your comfort zone and doing things you never imagined or thought possible is so rewarding. Fear will always rear its ugly head, but you must be determined to go after the things you want and to do great things you never thought possible to experience your greatness.


  1. Disbelief in one’s self is another biggie as to why we don’t tap into our greatness. It’s hard to achieve something if you don’t first believe in yourself and your ability to do it. I find it odd how we can believe in others and their dreams more so than we believe in ourselves and our dreams. What are some of the things you would accomplish if you just believe in YOU? What business would you start? What song would you write or sing? Where would you travel? What non-profit organization would you create? Which school would you attend? Once you discover your greatness you have to believe in it. Believing is an important part of things manifesting in one’s life. And the great thing is it doesn’t cost you anything to believe in yourself and your dreams!


  1. “I’m not qualified” is what some of us use to discredit the greatness inside of us. We will give every excuse in the book as to why we aren’t qualified to be great! We don’t have enough education, aren’t the best speakers, not from the right side of town, no one has ever done it, no support from family/friends, no money, too old, not beautiful enough, and the list goes on and on into infinity, I believe (haha). You must understand that God qualified us even before we came to the Earth! I want you to read that again God QUALIFIED us BEFORE we came to the Earth! So, no one should ever use the oh-so-sexy excuse that they aren’t qualified because the mere fact that you are here on Earth means God qualified you to do great things whatever they may be. And no one can disqualify you either. So throw that sexy excuse out like yesterday’s newspaper, and let’s get to operating in our greatness with our qualified selves!


How to tap into our greatness?


  1. First, you must know you are great. I touch on this a little bit in the above paragraphs, but a little reminder is always great to have. So, yes, you must know with every fiber of your being that you are great, without a shadow of doubt. Nobody can convince you that you are great. You must know you are great for yourself. When there is a knowing, then it leaves absolutely no room for doubt or the words from naysayers to creep in and make you believe otherwise. Remember, get to know your Creator so you can find out what treasures He has placed inside of you!


  1. Continually speak of your greatness to yourself first. When you constantly speak positive affirmations to yourself and tell yourself how great you are, then you begin to get those positive thoughts in your mind. The Bible says as a man think so is he. The more you speak positively over yourself, the more you will begin to see the things you speak manifest. Then you will have the confidence to share your greatness with others. What are you going to speak over yourself today?


  1. It’s not enough to speak, but we also must BELIEVE. We can speak all day until we have used all the oxygen in the world, but without belief to back up our words, they mean nothing. Too many people are comfortable with just speaking and having no belief. As mentioned before, belief is a powerful thing. What you believe is what you achieve! No one has ever done anything great without first believing they could!


  1. Taking ACTION will seal the deal and is one of the most major components to tapping into your greatness. You must get in the game of life and play (operate in your greatness)! Make sure you play full out, too. We do a disservice to the world when we shrink back, hold out, and play small. You were created to shine just as bright, if not brighter, than the sun! The only way that you will ever win and stand in your greatness is by taking action. Do whatever it is that you have been created to do. Nobody wins by sitting on the sidelines. Only those willing to play in the game win! So are you a winner or a spectator watching others win? No action means your life stays the same. Too many of us stop at the speaking and believing phases because we are afraid to take action. Remember fear, will keep you stagnate and the only way to combat fear is with action! So what action steps are you going to take in your life to move forward and play full out in your greatness?


You have a big world to change and lives to impact, so kick those things aside that are a hindrance to you and GO be GREAT!


Please share your thoughts below in the comment section.

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