I Reserve the Right


I reserve the right to not show off what I think should remain hidden.
Being quick to reveal is not a given.
I don’t care what the television displays
or what the most famous celebrity says.
The decision is mine to redefine and take a different view
because truly it’s just about me and not about you.
I can reserve my right, not because I like to fight or disagree.
I just happen to see the reality.
There is more to me than just that.
You might call me square or call me flat
or whatever other name you choose.
To me I would rather win than lose.
I reserve the right that is my belief.
It is quite a relief that I have a choice.
I have a voice to relay what is on my heart.
This is just a start to a conversation
that might put me in an uncomfortable situation.
However, I know what is wrong and what is right.
I choose not to be the darkness, but be the light.
I believe that it is better to save
than be the one that depraves.
And yet some do not think it is a such a big deal
to have the intention to steal the vision
of those that are already committed or lack self-control.
That is never my goal.
I intend to wait and keep myself as a present to be unwrapped.
My potential is obvious and yet untapped.
I reserve the right to be more.
I will implore that I am not the norm.
You think you know what I should do, but you’re not even warm.
I believe in bonds not broken,
a love that can be felt, even when unspoken
and yet rather than being seen as a rare commodity,
I am considered an oddity.
But that is fine by me,
that someone will fail to see
of what I truly represent.
I reserve the right, and in that I am content.


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