I Open the Door


I open the door for you, not because it’s my obligation
and not because you can’t handle the situation,
ut purely because I care,
to let you know when you need me, I’m there.
I open the door for you, not to prove I’m strong
but because I know your day has been long
with all you have to go through and do,
I want to be a blessing to you.
I open the door for you, not because I see you as inferior,
never would I call myself superior,
but because I am there to support you,
and I truly love you.
I open the door for you, not, because of what people think.
I just want the fact to sink in
that we have a special kind bond.
I am truly fond of you.
I open the door for you, not so that you have something to tell.
No matter the day, I intend to treat you well.
Never will you have wonder how much I love you.
My actions will always reveal to you.
I open the door for you, not because I saw it in a book or movie.
What I feel for you is what truly moves me.
My heart is shown on the outside.
My joy because of your acquaintance I cannot hide.
I open the door for you, not because you have inquired.
Before you even have to ask, I am inspired.
I know your worth and value
and would never want to be without you.
You may think people say this not the norm,
and if they do, that should send up an alarm.
Somewhere society has gone astray,
An adjustment may be in order and a change in the way.
It should not be such a surprising fact
that this simple act of consideration
is not the expectation and yet should not be a dying art.
It’s quite a simple part of an expression,
or maybe an even simple lesson,
to think of another first, before our own desire
should be where we aspire.
I open the door for you simply because you are you.
There is no requirement for you to do it for me too.
It’s all about the love I see between me and you,
and so the door will be always open for you.


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