Life of Love


Chivalry is an unheard word.
Or what about romance? Is such an idea absurd?
What is the model and expectation?
I’m listening, ready for dictation.
Television sells values of degradation
Movies and music reinforce with an exclamation
Relationships devalue love and respect
instead focusing on the sexual aspect.
Has it become that shallow?
Where you truly don’t even want to know
the person you spend time with?
Should you not see that person as a gift
for a lifetime instead of just a good time?
The idea of courting is no longer a thing,
serenading the one you desire with a song even though you can’t sing.
Flowers for no reason; it doesn’t have to be Valentine’s season.
Tell me your of how things have changed.
Should a marriage that lasts for 25 or 50 years be so strange?
The idea of commitment has become a subject not under consideration.
People start running at even the first sign of the implication.
Excuses like I don’t have time, don’t want to complicate
and yet the whole time the heart is screaming I just cannot relate.
Some spend a whole lifetime playing the field,
never ever opening up to receive what is real.
Some have a wall so high based on past pain,
they miss the sun to stay in the rain
and yet when asked, they are searching for something real,
someone to steal their heart and be there for them at every turn.
The question is, is that what they really yearn for?
When all their eyes see and spirit learns that such is rare and does not exist,
I hear it every day complaining, why persist?
My soulmate has probably passed me by,
or they will probably come too late.
And yet their idea of love is diminished and not valued as the greatest of all.
Maybe we all need a reboot and an uninstall
to allow our heart to return to days of hearts’ connection and cultivation,
days of sincere admiration and funny but enjoyable romantic situations,
days of rings and being together for golden years.
Let’s start with making a change today, right here.


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