Investing in Your Power Bank

The main goal cowards who sexually abuse or assault someone  is to overpower their victim. The person who has been violated feels just that powerless. After the abuse or assault is over, the person victimized still feels powerless and continues to operate in their life as though they have no power. However, this is not our truth. God gave each of us power when He created us. Our violators may have taken some of our power, but we have to know that we can get it back. We get it back by not allowing what happened to us dictate our life. We take our power back by speaking our truth. We take our power back by forgiving our violators and ourselves. We take our power back by standing and speaking up to encourage others. We take our power back by letting go of the guilt and shame we carried for so many years.

We don’t just take our power back; we grow it by investing in what I call our “power bank.” We have to constantly feed ourselves positive things to build ourselves up. I like to fill my power bank with motivational readings, CDs, music, workshops, and conferences. We all need to be poured into so we can have the strength to continue on our path to being the best version of ourselves. I have provided a way for you to be poured into by developing the Restorative Healing Writing  Workshop. At the Restorative Healing Writing Workshop, you will be encouraged by me and women from around the country who have overcome sexual abuse and assault. We would love to have you in the building. If you know you need to be empowered, then register at www.bit.ly/restorativewriting.


Stay Blessed,


Sequoia T. Gillyard, The Word Worshiper


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