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It is amazing how God divinely connects His children. We may think we are going to a certain place at a certain time on our own accord, but it’s totally orchestrated by God.

I went to Lucinda Cross’s 2014 Activate Conference believing I was solely there to assist the person I accompanied. However, after arriving and mingling with some of the attendees, I quickly realized that God had a greater purpose for me being there. The highlight of my entire experience was connecting with a woman who had a lot of spunk and class. She and I bonded right away after discovering we were both writers. We talked as if we were sisters in another life. What drew me to this fabulous woman was her boldness! She was confined to a wheelchair, but she didn’t allow it to confine her spirit. Her being in a wheelchair was a non-factor for the both of us. We saw each other for who we were–beautiful creations of God. I will never forget my experience of meeting the amazing Autumn Tompkins. atumnactivate

Autumn Tompkins is a native of Conklin, NY. She is the CEO of Ink Well Copy. Donned as the head-sass master, Autumn is a word artist who creates copy that captures her client’s expert voices and generates genuine sales, turning maybes into most definitelys. As a successful copywriter, Autumn is changing the game and defining success on her own terms. This accomplished woman obtained a bachelor’s degree from Binghamton University.

After earning her bachelor’s degree, Autumn began working her word magic for the Department of Defense. Communicating through words was her specialty. Her unique writing style landed her the opportunity to write newsletters and special emphasis programs for the Department of Defense. Landing a government job was a huge deal for Autumn, so much so that she created a department to teach college students how to position themselves to work for the government. 4401_618785746322_2519428_n

Unfortunately, this cushy government job that Autumn had become accustomed to ended two years later during a mass layoff. To bounce back from losing her job, Autumn enrolled at Ithaca College where she earned her master’s degree. Believing that obtaining her master’s would lead her to find employment, this determined woman searched for four years to find a job. She volunteered at several major companies, hoping they would hire her, but each time she was overlooked and left disappointed. After pulling herself together, Autumn opened her eyes to realize her true potential and took matters into her own hands by hiring herself. Having the door of opportunities closed in her face one too many times was enough for Autumn to venture into entrepreneurship. She kicked butt at writing, so she decided to dust off her old textbooks to brush up on copywriting and voilà, Ink Well Copy was born! Autumn has been spreading her genius ever since.

Autumn has experienced tremendous success as a copywriter. Her work includes writing copy for websites, cover letters, resumes, landing pages, biographies, and media kits. The pure joy of knowing she is creating compelling content for her clients fuels her even more. Her success has also come with some major challenges as well. Autumn constantly faces the ignorance of others because she is seen as someone who is mentally challenged. Autumn was diagnosed with muscular dystrophy when she was born. This disease is one that causes weakness and  loss of muscle mass. Autumn lost her ability to be mobile at the age of ten-years-old. As a result, Autumn has been looked upon as someone who is to be pitied. In her everyday life and when conducting business, Autumn is often talked down to or not even addressed. Concluding within themselves that Autumn isn’t intelligent enough to speak on her own accord, people often direct their attention to her assistant.

The second obstacle that Autumn faces is the limiting belief of others that she will not be able to do anything because of her disABILITIES. This false notion has been a thorn in her side ever since she was a child. Autumn even recalls her elementary school principal doubting her abilities. At home, Autumn has always had support from her family, who believes she can achieve anything she puts her mind to. 12195855_10101713245903352_957408708897213015_n

In spite of all that Autumn has faced, her greatest achievement is being ALIVE! Her parents were told that she would be dead by three months old. Autumn has defied the odds and is enjoying thirty-two wonderful years of life. Becoming a successful business owner and training her service dog, Snow, who was deaf (R.I.P Snow) was icing on the cake. Autumn knows her accomplishments weren’t achieved on her own but with support from a community of loving family and friends. Knowing the power of community has led Autumn to becoming a prolific speaker and community activist. She gives back by going into schools across the country, speaking empowering messages to children. She constantly reminds children and adults that…

“Just because you’re different doesn’t mean you aren’t valuable and full of purpose.”

Autumn desires for everyone to understand that they are unique. She firmly believes that people have special abilities, talents, skills, and no matter what anyone tells them, they are useful! It’s no wonder that Autumn sees herself as her greatest inspiration. She knows she is the only one who can accomplish the goals she sets for herself. Filled with so much wisdom, Autumn greatest advice to women is to…

Do no harm, but take no @!*@. Plan hard. Work hard. Achieve your own greatness. If I can do it, why can’t you?

Autumn’s deep belief in the power of prayer and healing attributes of a good laugh is why she wants her legacy to be one of love and laughter.

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Website: www.inkwellcopy.com

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