Various Thoughts

Allow me to relay some thoughts.

I have no sponsor; I have not been bought.

I just look at the world in a different way

and I have something that I need to say.

I am an original and not a copy.

My mind can be in bondage, but I know it’s free.

I hear and see much daily, no matter the place

realizing that many people need a little grace.

Darkness is easy to observe at every turn.

There have been times I disregard the light I yearn.

I walk a narrow path that some never find.

I work very hard; I ask that you respect my grind.

My goals are high because I like to achieve.

I can fly and soar. I believe I have the ability

within me that is ever-growing to greater.

I plant my seeds for the harvest later.

I’m not average, but smart and brilliant.

I get knocked down, but I am resilient.

Maybe you might see that as conceited to say,

but I don’t walk the line that is gray.

I love who I have become through every trial and test.

I have accepted the fact that I am blessed.

My testimony is not just for my personal edification,

even though I have overcome many seemingly impossible situations.

My goal is only to inspire,

set inside others that burning fire,

desire to achieve better than where they are.

I know every person can be a shining star.

You may not acknowledge the knowledge

and wisdom inside that I can provide,

that resides, but I will confide sometimes I don’t know the path,

but I know the destination, not for a vacation.

For a goal to be obtained, my dedication will never wane.

I put in the work of more than required.

I know this is the only way to have my desires.

And yet I share because I care.

I strive for the top and want everyone else there.

No fun alone, I will if I must.

Need a friend? I’m one you can trust.

Honesty and integrity is a must.

Maybe it’s hard for you to see

blessing others blesses me.

Take these thoughts into consideration

in hopes it inspires to help you overcome a situation.

You are greater than your mirror representative.

There is no reason to be tentative.

Go out, seize the day with attitude to achieve.

Expect the great and receive.

Perception is not your reality.

Failing does not mean it’s your finality.

Smile and rejoice because you know the outcome.

Add it all together, you know the sum.

Storms and barriers come and you will endure.

Victory is in your grasp and ensured.

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