Perception is not everything.
Most people never truly discern a thing.
My story is not written in stone.
Support is key; I do not win battles alone.
My past does not define me;
I will not allow my background to shape me.
The reality is the present is ever-changing.
I am not just maintaining, but overcoming.
My strength comes from inside, which come from above.
Essential ingredients are always joy and love.
I often stand still, when I should move;
I keep in contact with people I should remove.
Today a new direction is in place.
I walk in power and grace,
forgiveness in my heart,
as I declare that I have a new start.
Sunshine is brighter; sky is clearer.
As I draw nearer to my desired destination,
the light inside me becomes a bonfire,
as it shines unrefined to undefined heights.
I spent so many days blind, but now I have perfect sight.
Every journey, for every person is, not the same.
Every picture of a life does not fit perfectly into a frame.
There are ups and downs.
There are smiles and frowns.
However, I see the peace on the other side of the storm.
Walk in the confidence, the thunder and lightning will cease.
I can climb any mountain and even be a mountain-mover.
No longer seeing myself as a loser, but a winner,
victory is an everyday event.
I know I am meant for more.
No matter the previous chapters of my life, I am fully restored.
I see the radiance in my reflection.
I can declare my affection for myself and others,
another day, another opportunity to declare love and peace.
Like a dove, my and every life is a thing of beauty.
Used to live in fear, but now I have no concerns.
My smile is well earned.
Not perfect, but I know I am blessed.
I no longer walk in anxiety, but I now walk in rest.

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