Heart Revelations

I am me
Originality and personality
A life of vision
I have a mission
Walking to my own beat
Standing firm on my feet
A mountain climber
Even a mountain mover
A mover, shaker, and groover
My success, what’s it to ya?
I desire to inspire
That fire inside ya
To show you that there is more in store
Raise your expectation floor
Bust through your ceiling
The limit I am not seeing
Stars are attainable
My passion uncontainable
I reach the destination
Overcome the situation
Problem solve the complication
Results are my indication
As I keep moving forward
Farther toward the next open door
To the blessing before me
Never in bondage or slavery to sin
I know Jesus, who set me free, gave me the win
Victory is all I know
I keep growing never to slow down
It’s profound; my dreams are reality
To think I could have been a statistic or casualty
But I moved to the right place
Owing it all to grace
I have prayed, knelt, stayed on my face
Not just for me, but for others
You are all my sister and brothers
We are to love one another
Protect and cover
Whoever we encounter
Whether they are a believer or doubter
So in the end when we stand before God
And The Father asks, have we been good and faithful?
We can simply answer with our heart and a nod (to indicate yes)

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