Ode to Dads

Ode to Dads
You have tried to teach me, and sometimes I don’t pay attention
I know you get frustrated each time you mention
What to do or where to go
Trust me, I know
That you just want me to listen
But listen
I did not know you had my best interest at heart
Or when you worked those late nights, you were doing your part
To support the family
To do everything you could for me
I surely didn’t appreciate
How great
You truly are
And that I was your star
All I saw was my selfish thoughts
Now I look back at all the times  we fought
And realize you were fighting for my well-being
You gave me instruction and correction, and I thought you were mean
Little did I know it was out of pure love
And sometimes I needed a little push or shove
To be put into the place where I could succeed
I can still hear you plead
For me to straighten up and act right
Praying for me before you go to sleep at night
Looking at the decisions I made that were wrong turns
It sure did take me a long time to learn
That your love for me was deep as an ocean
Took me a while to grasp the notion
But I’ve got it now
Long ago you planted a seed in my heart, your hand to the plow
Watering it for seconds, minutes, and years
And now I want you to hear
What the harvest from inside me has to say
This is a new day
Thank you Dad for being a father
If I had listened to you more in the past I would be further
Thank you for all you have done
With you as my parent, I have already won
I can walk in victory and say you are the best
You pass the test, and I know you’re blessed
Because I know realize how much you love me
Just took me time to see
I love you more than you know
The light you have gave me allows me to glow
I shine because of the way you care for me
Sharing time with you, no place I’d rather be
Only one more thing to say
Happy Father’s Day!

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