How to Choose a Hair Dryer

Depending on where you purchase your hair dryer, hair dryers’ prices range from $15 to $500.

Your investment lies in wattage!
The most common blow dry wattage is 1875 watts. This wattage is great for anyone to use at home or while traveling. The key to choosing the best hair dryer for your hair is going by your hair texture and type which I discuss in my eBook – Who Needs Hair Anyway?

Texture & Type

For thick, coarse hair, high heat will smooth the cuticle. Be sure to remove excess moisture, apply a small amount of heat protection spray, lotion, or serum first to minimize heat damage.
For thin, fragile, brittle, or damaged hair, low heat is recommended.   Be sure to remove excess moisture but ensure the hair is damp. Do not apply oils to your hair. You do not want to weigh your hair down if your hair is thin. If hair is damaged, you may want to apply a small amount of heat protection spray, lotion, or serum to minimize further heat damaged until you can get into the salon to the damaged hair corrected.

Do you need a dryer with a cool shot? It depends on the hair style you want to achieve. If you are finishing your hair for a curly or wavy look, the cool shot seals your hair cuticle and locks the curl/wave.

Ionic hair dryers dry your hair much faster because the dryer is using heat, the force of the air flow, and negative ions that help break down water as well.

Ceramic hair dryers emit non-damaging infrared heat, which gently dries the hair.

Tourmaline hair dryers emit infrared heat and negative ions, which are gentler during styling for a shinier and less frizzy finish. Usually, your hair can endure higher levels of heat with less damage if not over dried.
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