My view is limited because I only see the good

I don’t see the mistakes people make, but what they should, would, or could do

I seek to help people and that is the truth

My heart is the biggest it can be

I am never thinking just about me

It is all about others

I consider every person a sister and brother

I only desire the best for everyone

I want to see every storm overcome and see that people pass every test

No person deserves to deal with fear, anxiety and stress

I am just one person, but believe I can make a difference

I don’t want to be the person that sits around in indifference

I speak my heart and hope that other people understand

I speak out of love even if I don’t know all parts of the plan

Maybe one word, one verse I share will be enough

Speaking to all sorts of people can sometimes be tough

However, I am up to the challenge and hope people appreciate

Because sometimes people go through a situation I cannot relate to

That’s okay it’s not about me, it’s all about everyone I encounter

They have my support through the storm for I am not a doubter

I believe that the journey will be a success

And that every person is abundantly blessed

Whatever the problem it’s only temporary

Every mountain can be moved even if their sizes vary

I will be here to pray and talk things out

I offer to help whoever stand and lift them up without a doubt

Let us walk in victory together and never defeat

The war is won even before the battle is complete

I cannot always promise we will see eye-to-eye

Trust that I do not want to see you fall, but see you fly

I am not hater, my only motivation is to see every person succeed

I want to see all chains broken and that everyone is freed

Together let’s break the limitations we place upon ourselves daily

Our vision should not be limited by what we can see

If someone has a broken heart, I’m sure it will mend

I have it on good authority that heart is healed before the request; it’s a proven trend

No matter what, we can always forgive

Walking in unforgiveness is no way to live

I love everyone, including the people I have not met

I love my enemies, even those who consider me a threat

Even though I have never done anything to warrant their hate

Walking in love always is my destiny and fate

It does not matter the race or where someone is from

The outside is not equal to the full sum

I accept every person for who they are

I believe in progression and that people will grow and go far

I wish every person well

I am a believer that love never fails

I want to see people smiling and laughing with all the joy from within

Above all else, everyone can always use a good friend

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