Be Still

Often times as life just begins to happen, we get so caught up in what is or is not happening, and we forget to just be still and listen for God’s voice. It’s not that God is or is not allowing  our life to go how we want it to go, but he’s waiting on us to just be still and let him do, say, and work it out for us. I know it’s hard to sit back and just wait, especially when it feels like your whole world is just spinning out of control and you have no sense of what to do. We forget that we are not living for us, but for God, so why is it so hard for us to just let go and let God?

There is a process that we all must go through in order to overcome our trials and go through our tribulations. It may not be how, and I’m sure it won’t be when we want it, but know that it is going exactly how and when God intended. From the moment we were formed in our mother’s wombs, God already knew how our lives would be. He created us all intentionally and with purpose in mind. When we go through things, it is because of decisions that WE make on our own.  Every time we make a decision, God reveals what’s right and what’s wrong before we decide, but it’s when we put ourselves in it that things just seem to happen.

Your faith walk has to be so strong, it can withstand anything. God has seen you through times you never imagined you’d make it through,  so why wouldn’t He now? All you have to do is just be still!

Be Still so God can work it out!

-Vanetia Fahie

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