When God Breaks Your Heart

God has created every one of us with a special gift. Sometimes we can spend the majority of our lives on an unintentional path that we’re not sure how to get off of, if we even want to get off of it at all. But there will come a time along whatever path we’re on that we’ll come across something that absolutely break our heart. That, or it infuriates us to see. It may be an epidemic or a trend that is harmful to our future as a society. It may be the mistreatment of a particular type of person or group of people. It may be the blatant lack of respect for morals. Anything. And for some reason, it bothers you more than it does other people.

Take a second. What is that thing for you?

Whatever it is, it’s from God. The thing that he’s broken your heart about is the very thing He has called you to fix. It’s so easy to believe that someone else will come along and fix a problem that you were designed to solve.

Don’t fall for it.

There was once a man named Nehemiah. He was considered indispensable. Replaceable. He tested the King’s wine to make sure it wasn’t poisoned. And if he died, well, they would just replace him with someone else. And as he was doing his job, he heard news that the wall in Jerusalem had been torn down, and that his people were oppressed. And that’s when his heart broke. He prayed about what to do before realizing that other people weren’t going to go pursue something that he was passionate about it. So he decided in his heart that he would go to the situation and fix it himself. But he didn’t go immediately. He stayed faithful on his job during his work hours, and prayed and planned on his time off.

One day, God opened a door for him when the King noticed he was heartbroken and asked him what was wrong and what he intended to do about it. When this opportunity came, Nehemiah was released to go to what he was truly called to in life–and succeeded despite his haters and naysayers.

Only now, it’s your turn.

I challenge you to pray about what God has broken your heart about. Realize that you’re not “just an ordinary woman.” Honey, God doesn’t make ordinary things. He specialized in valuable treasures–just like you. Ask Him for a strategy. Seek His word on the matter. Get around people who know your worth and share this calling of yours. His Spirit will guide you through the rest.

Let Him use you to un-break your heart. The hope and lives of others could be depending on you to make a move.





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