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Speak your truth is a short, yet powerful statement that brings fear to the hearts of many. Why are we so afraid to speak our truth? I have had to ask myself this question many times over the years. I remember being afraid of sharing about being molested as a child, dealing with the demons of suicide, depression, low self-esteem, and a host of other things. I feared what people would think. On the outside it appear as if I had it all together, but on the inside, I was a rotting corpse, dying daily. My smile gave the illusion that I was the happiest person in the world, but that wasn’t my truth. I was living a lie that I forced myself to believe was my truth. Do you find yourself faking the funk so you will look happy to others? 


I realize as I was living this big “happy” lie, that I was losing myself in the process. I had no clue who I was. I came to a point in my life some years ago where I wanted to stop the lying and finally live my life authentically. For me to live authentically, I had to acknowledge and face my TRUTH. There was no way around it. So, I set out on a journey to acknowledge, face, and ultimately speak my truth. I encourage you to join me on this journey to speak your truth. John 8:32 states, “…the truth shall make you free.” I firmly believe that speaking your truth frees you from the bondage that secrecy places on you. Are you ready to be free to speak your truth? I am so glad you answered with a resounding YES! Let’s get this truth train rolling. Choo, choo, choo, choo, chooooooooo, choo!

Acknowledgement Town:

First stop on this truth train is Acknowledgement Town. This is the town many hate to visit. However, it is crucial to you being able to speak your truth. How can you speak what you won’t acknowledge? I  recently started speaking out about my childhood molestation and the fact that I was almost raped three years ago. Before I could speak, I had to acknowledge that those things happened to me. Sexual trauma is one of the most painful acts that many wish they could bury deep in an abyss. You want to forget the feeling of you being violated, betrayed, and helpless. Burying the situation doesn’t erase that it happened. So, as painful as it was, I acknowledged those situations indeed happened in my life. I allowed myself to feel the hurt. You must acknowledge the pain and hurt that you feel inside, too, because they are a part of your truth. This is not an easy process. It is not a process that is done over night. It’s a process because it takes time to sort through all of the emotions of what happened and to forgive in order to heal. You would be surprised how many people dodge this town until someone like me comes along. I speak what many won’t acknowledge in hopes that I will be a mirror for them to see themselves so that they may gain the courage to acknowledge and face their truth. Once we have successfully done our due diligence in Acknowledgement Town, we are off to Face City! Choo, choo!

Face City:

I, myself, am a suburban girl who was raised in the country. I never cared too much for going to the city. So you can only imagine my hesitation of going into Face City. This is the city folks avoid like the bubonic plague. No one wants to face the things they have gone through or have done. We want to have amnesia so bad and forget those things ever happened. However, if you are going to speak your truth, you have to go toe to toe with your TRUTH! It’s so easy to duck and hide from others but never from truth. Truth knows you by name. How courageous of you would it be if you simply stop running and hiding from your truth? Is it scary? Oh yes! However, in order to heal, you must be like David and face your Goliath of truth. You survived what you went through and now it’s time to thrive! Face your truth so you can finally be FREE! I feel those chains falling off of you. Freedom is your birthright! Be free and stay free. Once you have obtained your freedom, you may successfully pass go and collect $200 to travel to Speak Nation.

Speak Nation:

I want to congratulate you on making it this far! There are so many people who never make it to this part of the journey. Some people are so bound by their secrets that they vow to tell no one, choosing to take it to their graves. These types of people rob themselves of their own healing. They also miss the opportunity to bring about healing to others by sharing their truth. Now that you have Acknowledgement Town and Face City under your belt, you can SPEAK YOUR TRUTH! Unleash that powerful voice that you have allowed you past hurts to silence. Trust me, you have a powerful voice that will bring healing to millions. I admit it may be a little scary the first time you share your story with others, but the more you speak it. the more courage you will gain to tell anybody who will listen. I believe the first person you should tell your story to is YOURSELF! I know it sounds crazy to talk to yourself, but if you can tell yourself your own story without running for the hills, then you can definitely share with others. Speaking your truth allows you to take back the power that secrecy took from you. Stand in your power and speak boldly. Remember, as you speak, healing is being released in your life and the lives of others. As you speak your truth, it liberates others to speak their truth. We all deserve to live a life where truth is the foundation of it. I encourage you to unmute yourself and speak your truth today!

If this blog has been encouraging to you, and you would love to receive even more encouragement, I invite you to come join me and other amazing women from all over the world in my private Facebook group Pillars of Hope. We are real women who have dealt with real life issues that we aren’t afraid to share to encourage another sister on her journey to empowerment. I look forward to seeing you really soon!

Stay Blessed,

Sequoia Gillyard, The Word Worshiper

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