Birth Your Dreams


I had the opportunity to witness a friend birth her son into the world in 2012. It was an amazing experience to witness. I saw how she became very uncomfortable as time drew near for her to deliver her baby. The pain of her intense contractions left me speechless. A part of me wished that I could take away the labor pain. After many hours of laboring, her body decided it had done everything to prepare itself for the baby to be pushed out. Excitedly and nervously, I cheered my friend on to begin pushing.

The baby teased us for a while poking his head in and out of the womb.  Finally, she pushed the head out, and our excitement to meet this gift from God grew. My friend pushed past his stubborn shoulders and the baby slid out into the doctor’s hands. Tears of joy filled my eyes as I stood in disbelief of what I had seen. I couldn’t wrap my mind around seeing this bundle of joy birthed into the world. In that moment, I  forgot all about the pain his mother had experienced. The beauty of that moment will stay with me forever. My friend faithfully pushed past the hurt and pain to receive a promise from God.

Many of us are getting in position to birth the baby that God has impregnated us with. This is a period of discomfort and great pain. Contractions are painful, but they’re the body’s way of pushing the baby down the birth canal. In the same manner, the pain and discomfort we feel in our lives is absolutely necessary to help us push our baby out into the world. The beautiful thing is as you push past the pain, you are rewarded with seeing the manifestation of your vision and dreams. I know it hurts. I know you want to scream and cry. I know you are tired and weary. You may feel like no one is with you during this birthing process, but God is right there. Some people don’t even believe that you are pregnant with anything, but you are!

With love,

Sequoia Gillyard, The Word Worshiper

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